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Friday, December 18, 2015

The Night-In

Night-outs are overrated. :)


Marinate wings for a few hours in sauces of your choice. I used yogurt, salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, chilli sauce, some of that awesome mango habanero I had at home, garlic or garlic powder and a tiny bit of mustard.

Bake in the oven till cooked, and toss in a mildly greased pan on medium heat for 2 minutes. Shake in a closed box with a tiny bit of sauce of your choice so all wings are fully coated. Serve with blue cheese. I served my wings this time with french onion dip.


Cut onions laterally and make rings about half an inch thick. Cover in a mixture of flour and baking soda. Make an egg wash (whisk 2 eggs and a spoon or two of milk) and a plate of bread crumbs ready, and heat oil. Dip flour-covered onion rings into the egg wash and then into the bread crumbs, and deep fry.

Plate up and Netflix.