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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Ceviche

Lazy week, lazy dish. Then again, anything drowning in lime is delicious. So...

Shrimp ceviche on/in tostadas

Ceviche is done with fish cured in citrus juices, but since I used shrimp, I blanched them first, after peeling and deveining. Throw into a bowl chopped shrimp, cucumber, avocado, bell peppers (capsicum), onion, tomato, a whole lot of coriander, salt, pepper, and a tiny pinch of paprika, and a lot of lime and lemon juices, maybe even a little orange. Additionally I added just a spoon of this tangy sauce (combination of mayonnaise, a drop of ketchup and tabasco, and garlic salt) to add a tiny kick. But that's optional, and very unauthentic :) 

Tostada is basically a crunchy tortilla, so if you brush a regular soft tortilla with a little olive oil and place in the oven for 10 minutes you will get the crunch you need. I used the Stand and Stuff soft tortillas that Old El Paco sells, and made them crunchy in the oven. Stuff / top them with ceviche and serve!