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Monday, September 16, 2019

The Sooji Halwa

Sooji (semolina) halwa is possibly the most common recipe to be used as prasad (holy offering) in a puja (Hindu religious ceremony). However, you don't need religion or an excuse to enjoy one of the simplest and mildest desserts of all time! This recipe takes maybe 15 minutes to make and will serve 15 to 20 people (depending on serving size).

In a pan, heat a cup and a half of ghee on low. At the same time, in another pan, heat a little more than 6 cups of water and a cup and a half of sugar on medium heat. When the liquid starts to boil, lower to a simmer. Once your ghee is hot, add a little more than 2 cups of fine sooji/rava (semolina) along with a cup of cashews. Keep stirring vigorously to mix well for about say 8 minutes or until you start to see a nice golden color in the sooji. Add two teaspoons of green cardamom powder and optionally a cup of raisins. Mix well.

Now add the sugary water very slowly to the pan with the sooji and keep mixing. The semolina will soak up all of the liquid. Once you've added all the liquid, you've got yourself a nice, soft halwa that's ready to be served hot!