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Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Hyderabadi

Every Hyderabadi curry recipe I look up is different than the previous one. The recipe I enjoy the most is a sesame-peanut based curry rather than one with cashewnuts. Here is my 30-minute recipe (serves 3-4).

Lightly toast a spoon of sesame seeds with half a cup of peanuts. Grind this mix and mix the dry ground mix well with about half a cup of milk. Add this mix to a bowl of 600-700g bone-in skinless chicken along with half a cup of yogurt, a spoon of salt, a pinch of turmeric, a small spoon of kalonji (nigella seeds), a spoon of kashmiri lal chilli powder, a tablespoon each of ginger and garlic paste, and a spoon and a half of garam masala. 

While the chicken marinates for a few minutes, heat a little vegetable oil in a pan or wok and caramelize one sliced onion and 4 chopped green chillies. Once caramelized, add the chicken and all the marinade. Cook on low with the lid closed - adjust the salt as necessary, and maybe a little water to keep the gravy plentiful. Reduce the curry to your preferred amount and add a light dash of lime. Serve hot with parathas!