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Monday, July 31, 2017

The Teriyaki Floss

It is a well-established and widely accepted fact that if you bring home a tin of pork floss, you will put it on EVERYTHING. Tonight, I douse my teriyaki udon stir-fry in pork floss for your entertainment.

Boil udon noodles for 8 minutes, drain, and keep aside; we'll need about two cups of cooked udon. Sauté half a cup of chopped spring onions with a spoon of chopped garlic and a few slices of red chillies in sesame oil. Add to it about 300 grams of sliced chicken, salt to taste, and a dash of paprika and cook. Once the chicken looks almost cooked, add two cups of broccoli florets and sauté some more. In a separate bowl, mix three tablespoons of soy sauce, a teaspoon of ginger paste, a spoon of sugar, a spoon of mirin, a spoon of cornstarch and a little water to make a thick sauce-like consistency. Add to the wok. Now add your cooked udon noodles and stir-fry for 2-3 minutes before taking off the heat.

Serve with a generous bit of pork floss, and garnish with toasted sesame seeds! Yum.