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Monday, November 13, 2017

The Gritty Egg Masala

Similar to a ghee roast, but less masala and less ghee and less time in general. Great for a pick me up on a Monday night!

In a tablespoon of melted ghee in a pan, roast together 4-5 dried red chillies, a spoon of coriander seeds, a spoon of cumin seeds and a spoon of garam masala for 3-4 minutes. Move the mixture to a blender and blend. Keep aside.

In the same pan, add a small chopped onion, a spoon of chopped garlic, and a handful of fresh curry leaves. Once the onion softens, add salt to taste, half a spoon of turmeric, and the ground mixture of spices. Roast together, add very little water to prevent burning, and let everything melt together. Then add 5 or 6 boiled eggs, cut in half. Mix well and stir for 2 min, squeeze a quarter of a lime and serve hot!

Monday, November 6, 2017

The Spicy Okra

Bhindi masala, for all my vegetarians and vegetarian-food lovers!

Slice 200g (or two large handfuls) of okra lengthwise down the middle, and lightly fry in just a spoon of vegetable oil for 7-8 minutes. Set aside. In the same pan, add another spoon of oil, add a spoon each of garlic paste and ginger paste, a diced medium onion and two broken green chillies, and sauté. Then add a diced tomato, salt to taste, a spoon of turmeric powder, half a spoon each of cumin powder, chilli powder, garam masala and coriander powder, and a pinch of amchur masala. When everything starts to melt together, transfer the contents of the pan into a blender and blitz roughly for a few seconds. Move the mix back into the pan, add the pre-fried okra, and add a half spoon of kasuri methi. Stir for 5 minutes and take off the heat. Serve hot with coriander leaves!