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Friday, June 3, 2016

The Masala Wings

Fridays make for the perfect wing nights. But being a wing enthusiast, you run out of sauce ideas pretty quickly. BBQ sauce has too much sugar; I'm unhappy with buffalo sauce in Australia ... Not sure why I didn't think of this before, but behold! the masala-infused non-fried spicy wings!

You want to use ghee instead of oil for this. Heat a fat spoon of ghee in a wok and add ginger-garlic paste and cumin seeds. Grind a small onion and add to the ghee (don't purée it, you want texture). Once the onion is cooked, add salt and turmeric, and then a little cumin powder and red chilli powder. Maybe a dash of tandoori. Stir to avoid burning. Add a spoon of tomato paste and a little garam masala. Add the wings and stir. Wings cook pretty fast so you might get away with not covering the wok. You don't need to add water. Let the wings burn a tiny bit too. Towards the end, add a fat spoon of light cream cheese and mix. Once cooked and dried up, pour onto a serving platter. In the same pan full of greasy masala, quickly sauté a few cashews and use for garnishing, along with coriander leaves. Eat them all. Don't make it weird; use your hands.