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Friday, April 8, 2016

The Gajar Halwa

Healthiest. Dessert. Ever.
And an Indian favorite.

This has been an insane six days at home, just full to the brim with family and food. Can't believe we are leaving already! Today I'm sharing my mother's signature halwa recipe. It's so easy!

You need equal parts carrots and full-fat milk. Wash, peel, grate carrots. Boil in milk in a heavy-bottomed pan. Let it boil on medium heat till the milk is almost dried up; stir occasionally. Add sugar to taste - note that you really don't need that much sugar because of the natural sweetness of carrots and milk (less than 2 cups per 1 kg carrots/1 liter milk). Stir vigorously till all dried up. Add a spoonful of ghee to the edges and stir some more till the milk becomes grainy and brown (khoya). You could add a spoonful of cardamom powder OR Rose water for added essence. Garnish with nuts!