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Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Benedict

Host a brunch for your buddies and serve up a café-style eggs benedict for extra points! This recipe serves 3.

The star of this dish is hollandaise sauce, which is best made fresh and ready to serve. Simmer some water in a pan; place a metal colander as a lid on top and place a heatproof bowl in the colander (so it's not touching the water). Whisk 3 egg yolks continuously in this bowl while it is being heated by the water, and slowly add 6 tablespoons of softened butter spoon-by-spoon while whisking. Once the mix thickens, add the tiniest splash of lemon, and a little salt and pepper. Set aside.

Poach 6 eggs for 3-4 minutes for a perfect runny center and prepare either bacon or ham strips enough for three plates, while you lightly toast three slices of sourdough. Place the bacon or ham on the sourdough slice and top it off with two poached eggs per place. Drizzle the hollandaise sauce over the top and garnish with parsley. Serve with mimosas!