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Monday, January 8, 2018

The Burger Rings

Onion Rings + burger patties = endless possibilities. These are stuffed onion rings that can be used as patties for a slider or as onion rings to serve up at a party or a game night! Get creative.

Cut two large onions horizontally to create large onion rings; put about 12-16 of them aside. Mix 500 g of minced meat/chicken with two spoons of chopped garlic, half a cup of chopped parsley, paprika, salt and pepper to taste, and half a cup of chopped chives. Separately, cut 12-16 little cubes of cheese measuring a little less than 2 cm each side (bite sized).

Set up a breading station with flour, eggs and breadcrumbs. Set an onion ring flat on a clean surface, and stuff with minced meat/chicken mixture; press to the insides of the ring. Stick a cheese cube into the middle. Coat the entire ensemble in flour, then beaten eggs, then breadcrumbs, before deep-frying until browned to your satisfaction. Serve up with Caribbean jerk-mayo, by itself or in a little dinner roll with slaw as a slider!