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Friday, May 13, 2016

The Gritty Charleston

When it comes to American food, I'm obviously a Southerner at heart. That is why it hurts to not find satisfactory grits at the supermarket here in Australia. That being said, polenta (also cornmeal, like grits) is an okay substitute even though the texture is comparatively blah.

Shrimp and Grits!

Boil grits (polenta) in broth or water, and add cheese, salt and butter to your liking in the end. Take off the heat when you're happy with the texture.

Crackle some bacon and take off the heat to crumble. Heat butter in a pan and add garlic and chopped green onion. Add shrimp, Cajun seasoning and a little lime, cook and set aside with the bacon.

Heat some more butter and add flour and stir. Once browned, add Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce, and some water. Simmer and set aside for roux sauce.

Serve the shrimp+bacon on the grits and the roux on top, and sprinkle parsley and a little Cajun seasoning on top! Yum.