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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Bird and the Nest

Spaghetti nests with turkey rissoles


I've always wondered what to do with leftover spaghetti. And then I discovered spaghetti nests. Put a little sauce in al dente cooked spaghetti, and take a fork and twirl a big chunk of spaghetti till it's all wrapped up around the fork. place the entire chunk on greased baking tray and remove the fork so that the spaghetti looks like a nest. Sprinkle breadcrumbs for extra crunch and some cheese, and drizzle olive oil. Make a few of these and bake at high for 10 minutes. You can't really see the nest here because I drowned the top with sauce. Speaking of sauce...


This is a basic bechamel sauce but without the parmesan. Add that in the end if you're feeling cheaty. Melt some butter and put two spoons of flour. Add milk. I also added garlic powder, salt and oregano because I put oregano in literally everything. That's it, stir, add the cheese in the end if you want. I didn't add any cheese.


You get turkey rissoles or whatever patties you want to use in the market. But you can make them at home. Mix mince, onions, whatever seasonings you want, and egg, and shape into patties or rissoles.
Put the rissoles on a greased pan and cook both sides. 

Plate up with a bed of rocket for the rissoles and sauce over everything/anything/on the side.

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