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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Tiretti Bazaar

My husband is a Calcutta boy, born and raised. That basically means he needs that Indian soya sauce in his life about once a week. If you don't live in India, that means whipping up chilli chicken and fried rice at home. This is an old favorite that's been repeated more than once.


Coat boneless pieces of chicken in seasonings, egg and corn flour and deep fry. Set aside.
Toss garlic, dried red chillies and onions in oil. Add soya sauce and a little vinegar. Add the fried chicken and coat. Adjust sauce as per taste, add chilli sauce/schezwan sauce if you have any. Dry it up.

This is how you make dry chilli chicken. (For a little gravy, add water, put cornflour in the water and stir until the gravy is thick.) Garnish with spring onions.


Cook rice. In a wok, toss veggies and shredded chicken in a little oil. Add soya sauce. Toss in the freshly cooked rice. Serve!

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