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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Meaty Paratha

Keema Parathas FOR THE WIN, am I right?


Very finely chop onions and saute with ginger and garlic. Add minced meat, either chicken or mutton, and cook with cumin powder, coriander powder, chilli and garam masala. If you have any sort of meat masala feel free to add. Take off the heat and allow to cool once cooked.


Knead aata. Roll into a ball and start rolling. Roll the sides more than the middle. Put some cooled keema in the middle and take the thin sides and cover up the meat like a parcel, squishing all ends together like a dumpling. Roll out this dumpling into a paratha with some dry aata, and be careful not to break the paratha surface. The surface will break if the keema is moist and/or warm.

Put the paratha on a dry tawa/pan. Let the bottom cook while you cover the top with ghee. Flip and repeat till cooked.

Once you are done fanning the fire alarm into silence, serve with a mad dollop of stuffed red chilli achar.

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